Unsolved Problems in Chemistry

Protein folding: amino-acid sequence of bovine...

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Organic chemistry problems

Biochemistry problems

  • Better-than perfect enzymes: Why do some enzymes exhibit faster-than-diffusion kinetics?[3] See Enzyme kinetics.
  • What is the origin of homochirality in amino acids and sugars?[4]
  • Protein folding problem: Is it possible to predict the secondary, tertiary and quaternary structure of a polypeptide sequence based solely on the sequence and environmental information? Inverse protein-folding problem: Is it possible to design a polypeptide sequence which will adopt a given structure under certain environmental conditions?[4] [5]

Physical chemistry problems


One thought on “Unsolved Problems in Chemistry

  1. when there are so many unsolved questions then you should collect infomation about that from various lectures given by great scientists at various science conferences

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